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Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS Services used for the customer of any financial / banking organization to provide the information about the deposits and withdrawl of their financial transactions. For example if you have a bank account and you are doing an online transaction of any amount then, transactonal message will give you the confirmation by SMS to your mobile number that you have made this transaction and with the details of account. Usually these messages sent to the registered mobile users. Transactional SMS needs to approve a 6 character's alpha sender id and SMS template with defined variables in the template content for the amount, date, account number, name etc.

We are India's trusted Transactional SMS Service provider for your all types of transaction's information. We are a Transactional SMS Service provider in Raipur as well as, all over India. The Transactional SMS Service is used to send Transaction's Information through the SMS API. It provide Real time SMS notification to the customer instantly through the personalize SMS services. We provide a robust platform for the Transactional SMS Service on which you can rely as never before. Transactional SMS Service gives fast SMS delivery and 100% delivery on mobile if your mobile number is reachable on the network. Transactional SMS can be sent 24x7 using the 6 characters Alpha Sender ID to DND and Non DND mobile numbers both.

What are the benefits of Transactional SMS?

  • 24X7 Service Availability.
  • SMS Deliver with Brand Name.
  • Fast and Effective Delivery.
  • Can be Sent to DND and NON-DND.
  • Delivery Reports with Delivery Time.
  • Send All Critical Information.

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