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Vodafone DLT Registration Process

As per the latest TRAI communication every Enterprise / Principle Entity (PE) and Telemarketers (TM) have to do registration with the required documents to the operators DLT Portal. Vodafone DLT Registration Platform or Vilpower.in DLT Registration Platform allows Principle Entity and Telemarketers to make registration to upload their documents. Vodafone is the largest operator platform in the telecom industry and has a large customer base to whom they are serving SMS, Voice and Data services all over India. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block chain based technology, the whole world today rely on this technology because it is the fastest ever technology. This technology is now used for Vodafone DLT Registration where Principle Entity can register their Header / Sender id and SMS Content Template. After the successful registration SMS and Voice communication can be sent using any of the A2P messaging and voice portals. This technology has been adapted by Vodafone and other operators to scrub the unsolicited and spam communication. As we know that it is the fastest scrubbing technology, scrubs millions of the Header, Text and Mobile numbers in just a few seconds and it can not imagine that it scrubs in live data communication. The registration process is very simple in Vodafone DLT Registration Platform.

To start Vodafone DLT registration process, click to: https://www.vilpower.in/signup/
The main purpose and process of Vodafone DLT Registration are:

  • Principle Entity Registration.
  • Telemarketer Registration.

Documents Require for Principle Entity & Telemarketer Registration.

  • Company PAN Card GST/TAN/FSSAI/Incorporation/Shop Registration Certificate
  • PAN/DL/Voter ID/Aadhar of Authorised Person Email id and Mobile Number

Vodafone Principle Entity Registration Process

Enterprises are require to do registration of their organization as Principle Entity in the Vodafone DLT Plaform. It is require to send and avail the SMS and Voice communication through the A2P messaging and voice app. Following are the procedure for Principle Entity Registration on Vodafone DLT Platform:

  • Start to Open the link: https://www.vilpower.in/signup/
  • Click on Principle Entity and then select New Registration.
  • Select "No" and proceed else "Yes" If already registered with other operators and enter the PEID.
  • In the next page select and fill all the required details and upload the documents.
  • After click on submit, you will receive an acknowledgement, if all the details are entered correct.
  • One email with login details will be received post this for the successful completion of the registration.

Vodafone Header Registration Process

Every enterprise or principal entity needs to register header / sender id with registered dlt platform providers as per the followed by below procedure:

  • Signin to the Vodafone DLT Portal using Enterprise login credentials.
  • Select SMS Headers from Header menu then select "+ADD" in header page.
  • Select Promotional or Other as per your category and requirment.
  • Select category such as Education/Health or any Other else select Other if not match with any one.
  • Fill the sender ID / header related to your Entity and as per your business requirement.
  • Upload the Sender id agreement and Explanation for Sender ID.
  • Submit the request for approval, header registrar will validate and verify details provided.
  • After successful verification, the registrar will approve the requested sender ID in the DLT Platform.

Vodafone Consent Template Registration Process

Concent template registration required to register a customer consent on the DLT platform to acquire consent from new subscribers prior to transmission of commercial communication by sender or enterprise. To register a consent template, a principal entity needs to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Signin to the Vodafone DLT Portal using your Principal Entity login credentials.
  • On the top right corner select "Consent Template" from the "Template" section then click to "+ADD".
  • In Add Consent Template page fill Template Name, Brand Name, Scope of Consent and click on "Save".
  • After saving, the Consent Template will be saved with the Pending status.
  • The Vodafone Registrar Team will check and review these submitted concent and approve in the DLT Platform.

Vodafone Content Template Registration Process

Content template which entity want send to thier customer required to register on Vodafone DLT platform to acquire consent from new subscribers priority to send the commercial communication. To register a content template, a principal entity need to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Signin to the Vodafone DLT Portal using Principal Entity login credentials.
  • On the top right corner select "Consent Template" from the "Template" section then click to "+ADD".
  • Select to define template type as either of Promotional/Transactional/Service.
  • Select Category or Consent Type which visible after Template Type Selection.
  • After this Search, Select Header which already approved under your Entity.
  • Enter Template Name and Select Template Message Type as Text/Regional as per content language.
  • Insert content for fixed part as well as variable content in the template using insert variable button.
  • Submit the template to click on "Save" button for verification.
  • Vodafone registrar will validate and verify template provided by you.
  • On successful registration, the Content template will approve and get a template ID on DLT platform.

Vodafone Consent Template Mapping to Content

When we register any content to the Service type to select content type as Explicit and promotional, it is mandatory to link the consent templates that you have registered with the content templates. There are two types of content templates which require consent templates mapping. These are, Promotional Messages and Service Explicit Messages. To do this linking, you will first need to have a consent template that is already registered and approved. Following are the procedure of Consent mapping to the content:

  • Sign In to the Vodafone DLT Portal using your Principal Entity login credentials.
  • Click to the "Content Template" from the "Templates" tab on the right side of the drop down menu.
  • Click on the "+ADD" button, which you can see on the right side of the page.
  • When choosing "Promotional" or "Service-Explicit" consent selection will be visible.
  • Select a consent template from the "Select Consent Template" menu.
  • This process will create a Content Template linked with Consent Template.

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